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Wrappings and protection

Aksel company specializes in institutional removals since over
a dozen years.

These are removals of:

  • offices
  • warehouses
  • librarys
  • banks
  • shops etc.

We transport:

  • strong-boxes
  • safes
  • heavy office equipment like UPS, xero copier

We transport both: smal firms with only feew workplaces and huge companies with hundreds of employees.

Because of the amount of transported property and little time for transportation, the removals of companies and intitutions demand efficient organization and a lot of experience.

Apropriate equipment like transport carts, belts and packing tools is signifficant.

Additional services:

Employees leasing

Our firm can rent employees for folowing jobs:

  • loading and unloading
  • interior removals inside a building (full service)
  • packing and segregation of archives
  • warehouse jobs
  • dismantling and assembling furniture and stationary pieces of equipment
  • securing property for international transportation