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Wrappings and protection

Aksel company is organizing removals to all countries of European Union. We offer a complex service, that meets the individual needs of the client: packing and securing belongings, loading - unloading, assemblying, transport and insurance.

Specific caracter of international removals means long distances and the need to handle the procedures of the target nations, which makes it a difficult task that can be accomplished only by an experienced carrier. Polish entrance to Schengen zone greatly improved the procedures of relocation of people and property, but international removals are still services that demand experience and special care. It is worth to trust the proffesionals.

We offer a full set of protective materials, a service based on experinced people, a truck of optimal size and full insurance for the time of transportation. Our agent will arrange all the details regarding the removal, help You choose the best solutions and will coordinate the process by himself.

We encourage You to send information regarding your planned removal on this address:, or pleasecall us:
0 510 270 408