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Wrappings and protection

We operate on the local, national
and international market.

We move:

  • apartments
  • houses
  • offices
  • warehouses
  • librarys
  • banks
  • shops etc.

We transport:

  • pianos
  • pianofortes
  • strong-boxes
  • safes
  • heavy office equipment like UPS, xero copier

We take the responsibility for entrusted belongings - the insurance policy protects from damages caused by invalid service realization.


We offer basic handling or complex, that includes:

  • full or fragmentary packing of property
  • dismantling and assembling furniture and stationary pieces of equipment
  • marking individual pieces of property
  • strict security of transported cargo
  • loading, transporting, unloading
  • unpacking and setting up the property as arranged

Years of experience have given us a chance to elaborate our own standards regarding packing and transporting entrusted property. Thanks to apropriate protection our clients entrust us even most delicate objects. With most care we transport things like: models, mockups (different sizes), mirrors, bouquets, pieces of art and alike.

Additional services:

Employees leasing

Our firm can rent employees for folowing jobs:

  • loading and unloading
  • interior removals inside a building (full service)
  • packing and segregation of archives
  • warehouse jobs
  • dismantling and assembling furniture and stationary pieces of equipment
  • securing property for international transportation

Car leasing

Our transport depot has truck and delivery vans of 14 to 40 cubic meters capacity. The cars are equipped with self-unloading lifts, carts, trays and necessary security.

Furniture storing