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Wrappings and protection

Removal, in spite of apearance, starts long before the day of furniture and other belongings transportation. It's a whole chain of actions, that have to be performed before that.


It's good to start the whole process from making order in Yours belongings. You should make a decission: do You really need all of this? Removal is the best way to get rid of unnecessary objects.

You need to pack properly all those things, that You decided to take (clothes, books, glass). If You don't want us to pack Your belongings, You should look for proper cardboard boxes. You can buy them from us or in a supermarket. Our consultant can assist You with the determination of quantity and size of the boxes.

Packing the belongings

You should pack glass, books and food separately. Fragile objects should be wraped in paper and separated by cloth. We suggest smaller boxes for books for easier transportation. They won't fall apart under the burden of its contents. We can hang Your clothes in special cardboard wardrobes - it won't affect the price of service.

It is necessary to sign every box, for example: "kitchen - glass", "sitting-room - documents", "bedroom - things from the commode". It will simplify finding the needed objects and allow our workers to place the boxes corectly on the new spot.


Nie zapomnij:

  • find a baby-sitter for the time of removal
  • have your friend take care of your pet
  • terminate contracts for example cable TV
  • return books to library
  • plan the arrangement of the furniture in the new place
  • empty furniture of it's contents
  • remember to have the important documents, all keys and money by yourself
  • empty the mailbox
  • write down the meters readings
  • empty the refrigerator

It's good to familiarize yourself with the surroundings of the new place. Find out where is the nearest shop, pharmacy, gass station or clinic. Check the location of banks and offices.


Inform proper institutions about the changing of the address and the date of removal:

  • revenue office
  • post office
  • social-security system
  • Bank
  • Your insurance company
  • gas and power supplier, landlord
  • phone provider
  • your employer